5-Axis Machining Impeller

5-Axis Machining Impeller

Custom impeller with advanced technology, design and development of high-end 5 axis CNC machining center and precision three coordinate measuring machine , also with our professional five axis programming technical stall and machine tool operators, our factory provides the best impeller processing craft and guarantee impeller quality according to the customer’s drawing!

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Impeller, also known as the working wheel. The only component in centrifugal compressor that works on the air flow. The most important part of a rotor. The impeller is not only the impeller with moving blades, but also the component of the impulse steam turbine rotor. Also refers to the disk and the installation of the rotating blade on the general name .


The Process of 5 Axis Machining Impeller

According to the similarity theorem, the cutting formula of vane pump can be derived. Under the condition of rated speed, the flow rate before and after cutting is equal to the diameter of impeller before cutting and the diameter ratio of impeller after cutting. Under the condition of rated speed, the ratio between the diameter of the impeller before cutting and the head after cutting is equal to the square of the diameter of the impeller before cutting and the diameter of the impeller after cutting. Cutting directly according to the formula. Impeller cutting is the process of processing the diameter of the impeller to reduce the energy transferred to the fluid of the system. Impeller cutting is a very useful improvement measure because of the excessive pump capacity caused by excessive conservative design or system load changes. The impeller cutting reduces the end velocity of the impeller, and thus directly reduces the energy transferred to the fluid medium of the system, and reduces the flow and pressure generated by the pump .



5 Axis cnc machining center for Impeller


The similar 5-Axis Machined 304 Stainless Steel Impeller


There Impeller are made by SS304 material, rough machining, precision machining ,finishing and a series of procedures to machine. These kind of impeller has long service life and strong corrosion resistance, and it is the selected accessories in the food machinery so on .



Other impeller products as following ,such stainless steel casting impeller , aluminium casting impeller so on .



According to the drawings, samples and models, our company can provide customers with one-stop service from product demonstration, design, mold development, process finalization, product processing, etc.


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