Custom Metal Stamping Service

Our raw materials range from stainless steels, spring steels, bronze, brass, copper, beryllium copper and other high alloy steels. We also use pregalvanized or electroplated strips or the components can be treated after punching Custom metal stamping services deliver precision metal stamping from prototype through production quantities

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Custom metal stamping service


we offer our customers the best service in metal stamping field. With a wide variety of metal stamping processing way, including progressive, compound, blanking, drawing, bending, coining, and forming. Our stamping machines have press ratings from 50 to 250 tons and the press speed is 160 strokes per minute. 


-carbon steel

-stainless steel




We offer a wide variety of finishes that includes but is not limited to :


-powder coat paint


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Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today.

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