Metal Stamping Automotive

Metal Stamping components manufactured by RUNNER CO can be found in different automobile models of the car manufacturers. We have been rated as an excellent supplier for many years by GM

Product Details

Metal stamping automotive


RUNNER provide die manufacturing and metal stamping parts for the automotive industry. Our engineering expertise, continuous process improvement, and advanced manufacturing processes reduce costs for our customers. It also provides the highest quality stamping die products, metal parts and components.

RUNNER has served automotive suppliers for many years. We produce precision and complex stamping parts for auto parts:

●Wiper arm

●Interior sheet metal

●Link piece

Project Details

Product Description

Metal stamping automotive

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Progressive stamping

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

150ton stamping machine

Material Used

Sheet Metal 

Industry for Use


Tightest Tolerances


Product Name

Auto parts

Detail image

We provide High Volume Progressive Stamping


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Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today.

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