progressive die stamping metal parts

progressive die stamping metal parts


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progressive die stamping metal parts


If your project requires three-dimensional metal parts in quantities in the thousands to millions, stamping with progressive tools is the way to go. Progressive die stamping is the most economical metal stamping process there is. Progressive die stamping can be used to create both simple and complex parts.

A short and simplified way to explain progressive stamping is that a coil of flat, thin metal stock is fed into a stamping machine. Holes are pierced, contours are cut, and bends are made, while advancing the part through sequential stations via a narrow carrier ribbon of material. At the end of the line, the part or parts are cut off, producing one or more custom metal stampings per cycle of the machine.

Project Details

Process:progressive die

Size:2.25in. ×1.5 in

Material:galvanized steel 0.018 in thick

Type:metal stamping

Industry:construction part,siding attachement


This process uses conventional or progressive-type hard tools (dies) in punch presses to blank and form sheet metal products. Stamping accommodates higher volume, lower unit cost, and larger tooling investment for products with longer product life cycles.


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