Die Casting

      • Die Cast Parts

      Die Cast Parts

      We developed over 2000 sets the mould and die casting part for our customers according to our customers drawing and samples , the customers satisfaction is our best motivation . Our...

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      • Custom Logo Die Casting Components

      Custom Logo Die Casting Components

      *OEM service available *Materials: stainless steel, cast iron, pig iron, carbon steel, alloy steel, non-ferrous, grey iron, ductile cast iron and so on *Process: lost wax process,...

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      • Die Casting Parts

      Die Casting Parts

      With Die Casting Aluminium experience for over 20 years,Our OEM aluminum casting services have been helping engineers, product designers and architects to bring their designs to...

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      • Die Casting Service

      Die Casting Service

      Given our experience in the die casting service industry, together with our state-of-the-art equipment, our expert manufacturing and quality engineers, and production staff, you are...

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      • Aluminum Die Casting Parts

      Aluminum Die Casting Parts

      If your project is too difficult for the current die casting supplier, please try us.

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      • Aluminium Alloy Die Casting

      Aluminium Alloy Die Casting

      “RUNNER has first-class equipment that always meets our size requirements and I will recommend their casting and machining services to anyone looking for”—from customer

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      • Aluminum Die Casting Auto Parts

      Aluminum Die Casting Auto Parts

      How can we reduce costs and keep quality excellent in aluminum die casting auto parts. We provide one-stop service including the mold manufacturing, casting, cnc machining and...

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      • Die Casting Aluminum

      Die Casting Aluminum

      Die-cast aluminum motor housing is one of the largest quantity products in our company. We are the supplier of die castings for TECO motor.

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      • Pressure Die Casting

      Pressure Die Casting

      Our Die Casting service include: Gravity Die Casting, High-pressure Die casting and Low-pressure Die Casting, we can choose suitable processing way for your products.

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      • Low Pressure Die Casting

      Low Pressure Die Casting

      We have the world's most advanced low-pressure die-casting aluminum equipment, Japan Fukusuke Techno, and our experienced engineers team, can help you complete your design.

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      • Low Pressure Die Casting Pump Parts
We're one of leading China manufacturers and suppliers specialized in custom die casting. If you're interested in our die casting, feel free to contact our factory to enjoy good services.