Low Pressure Die Casting

We have the world's most advanced low-pressure die-casting aluminum equipment, Japan Fukusuke Techno, and our experienced engineers team, can help you complete your design.

Product Details

low pressure die casting


For thick-walled die castings, we have low-pressure casting processes that can be produced, we have produced such as crankcase die casting part, oil pump die casting part, link support die casting part etc

Project Details

Product Description

Low Pressure die casting

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Low pressure die casting and CNC Milling, drilling

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

600 Ton Low Pressure Die Casting Machine, Japan Fukusuke Techno

CNC machining center 

Material Used

Aluminum A1210

Industry for Use

auto part

Tightest Tolerances


Estimated Part Weight


Product Name

Low Pressure die casting oil pump

Similar product

link support die casting part for CMM equipment


crankcase die casting part


Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today.

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