Pressure Die Casting

Our Die Casting service include: Gravity Die Casting, High-pressure Die casting and Low-pressure Die Casting, we can choose suitable processing way for your products.

Product Details

Pressure die casting


Die-casting aluminum gear box, this product was originally produced in the United States, the customer assessment of our die castings ability, we provide samples, with the customer's various performance tests, we can meet customer requirements, and later we took over the project.


Project Details

Product Description

Pressure die casting

Capabilities Applied/Processes

die casting and CNC Milling, drilling

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

TOYO 500 Ton Aluminum Cold Chamber

CNC horizontal machining center 

Material Used

Aluminum A380

Industry for Use

auto part

Tightest Tolerances


Estimated Part Weight


Product Name

Die-cast aluminum gear box

Similar product

After cnc machining finished die casting part


Hige-pressure die casting part in auto gear box shell


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