Investment Casting

      • Precision Investment Casting Supplier

      Precision Investment Casting Supplier

      If you as a buyer or engineer to determine the "lost wax" process is the correct production method. If you are already familiar with this process, please contact us directly.

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      • Investment Casting Supplies

      Investment Casting Supplies

      Investment Casting Supplies For new castings that must be developed, Qingdao Runner is an extension of your engineering department. Work closely with your engineers to design and...

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      • Investment Casting Companies

      Investment Casting Companies

      Qingdao Runner is a supplier of precision castings by casting wax. These castings are characterized by low surface roughness values and precise tolerances. Wax casting is also known...

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      • Investment Casting Wax

      Investment Casting Wax

      It is a 316 stainless steel investment casting product, we manufactured for our USA customer , which is applied in the food industry,and obtained positive feedback from...

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      • Investment Casting Products

      Investment Casting Products

      Investment casting, stainless steel investment casting, Investment casting parts manufacturer / supplier in China, offering Investment Casting,Precision Casting, lost wax casting...

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      • Investment Casting Service

      Investment Casting Service

      More than 5000 different types of Precision casting parts and components developed and produced for various industries by Runner Co,includes stainless steel precision casting,alloy...

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      • Stainless Steel Precision Casting

      Stainless Steel Precision Casting

      90% of our precision casting products to Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries, most of them are precision stainless steel casting

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      • Stainless Steel Investment Casting Parts
      • Precision Investment Casting

      Precision Investment Casting

      This material 316 stainless steel investment casting products, used in the chemical industry, we have for three years to provide customers with more than 100,000 casting parts, we...

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      • Alloy Precision Casting

      Alloy Precision Casting

      This is complex high nickel base alloy steel castings, we produced a lot of similar casting parts, we have a wealth of experience to deal with

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      • Precision Steel Casting

      Precision Steel Casting

      This precision steel casting part is made by our factory, it is used in the Audi car

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      • Precision Stainless Steel Casting

      Precision Stainless Steel Casting

      Our precision casting service delivery is timely, and the customer can put the product in the market at the right time. In addition to enjoy the precise operation of quality...

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We're one of leading China manufacturers and suppliers specialized in custom investment casting. If you're interested in our investment casting, feel free to contact our factory to enjoy good services.