3 Axis CNC Machining Aluminium Parts

3 Axis CNC Machining Aluminium Parts

We made this milling part for our customer from Cyprus,it is only one of their machining project .

Product Details

3 Axis CNC machining Aluminium Parts

Project Details

Product Description

Connector Part

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cnc precision Milling

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

3-Axis machining center

Material Used

Aluminium 6061/6063

Industry for Use

Industry equipment

Tightest Tolerances








Advantages of 3 Axis CNC machining

1. High degree of integration.

From the preparation of the work before the machining of the workpiece to the introduction and output of the information during the machining process, it is inseparable from the application of computer technology and numerical control technology. The integration and automation of the machining center is the main advantage that distinguishes it from ordinary machine tools and CNC milling machines. The machining center can perform multiple machining operations with the same setup.

2. Ability to repeat cyclical operations

The machining center generally needs to carry out the test pieces before the order is completed in batches. Due to the participation of computer technology, the test piece processing program for applying the workpiece mold can be preserved intact. When the processing of orders is officially started, it is possible to begin production with simple work, increase production efficiency, and greatly shorten the processing cycle. Ideal for batch order production.

3. The workpiece has high precision

The whole process of workpiece processing is controlled by the program, which reduces the workpiece error caused by human interference, thereby improving the accuracy of the workpiece. On the other hand, the positioning accuracy and repeatability accuracy of the machining center equipment itself are quite accurate (0.008mm) and are therefore very suitable for precision machining of precision workpieces.

4. A wide range of workable workpieces

The machining center can process copper, aluminum, steel and other traditional parts well. In recent years, with the continuous upgrading of processing technology, woodworking processing centers and graphite processing centers have gradually entered our sight. The future machining center will be more widely applied to the fine processing of different materials.

Our Machining Project Image:

Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. 

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