Milling Processing Objects

- Aug 25, 2017 -

(1) Plane type parts

The features of planar parts are shown in the machined surface which can be parallel and perpendicular to the horizontal plane. It can also be fixed angle with the angle of the horizontal plane; most of the parts machined on the NC milling machine belong to the plane type parts, the plane type parts are the simplest part in the NC milling machining, generally only need the two axes linkage or three axes linkage of three coordinate NC milling machine to be processed. In the processing process, the machining surface and tool for surface contact, coarse, finishing can be used end milling cutter or cow nose knife.

(2) Surface type parts

Surface parts are characterized by the surface of the machining surfaces, in the processing process, the machining surface and milling cutter is always the point of contact. The surface finishing process adopts ball-end milling cutter.

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