The Advantages Of Sand Casting

- Aug 25, 2017 -

Sand-casting crusher wear-resistant parts are still very common in China, like the jaw plate, high chrome board hammer, broken wall, rolling mortar wall and so on, because in the crusher equipment, as a relatively large wear-resistant castings, relative accuracy is not very high, especially as the jaw plate, out of the finished product almost no lathe grinding, broken wall, rolled mortar wall, roller skin and so on is only part of the castings need to be polished, so it is particularly suitable for sand casting, because the sand-type casting jaw plate, high chromium plate hammer, broken wall, rolling mortar wall, Roller skins and so on. The wear-resisting parts of these crushing equipments are more than 20% more durable than other die casting process products. However, the lost foam casting has the advantages of high dimension precision, small processing allowance, convenient dry sand falling sand, less than 50% of cleaning and polishing work, saving labor cost, so the price of EPC is relatively low.

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