The Process Of Die Casting

- Aug 25, 2017 -

The traditional die-casting process mainly consists of four steps, or high pressure die casting. These four steps include tooling preparation, filling, injection, and falling sand, which are also the basis of various improved die casting processes. It is necessary to spray lubricant into the cavity during the preparation process, and the lubricant can help to control the mold's temperature in addition to the casting demoulding. You can then close the mold and inject the molten metal into the mold with high pressure, which ranges from 10 to 175 MPa. When the molten metal is filled, the pressure is maintained until the casting is solidified. Then the putter will be rolled out all the castings, because a mold may have more than one mold cavity, so each casting process may produce multiple castings. The process of falling sand requires separating the residue, including the mold mouth, the runner, the gate and the flying edge. This process is usually done by extruding the castings with a special trimming die.

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