• Electroplated Galvanized Steel Parts

      Electroplated Galvanized Steel Parts

      With the development of science and technology production, the electroplating industry is increasingly involved in the field.
      At present, the application of electroplated...

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      • Cnc Precision Milling Brass Parts

      Cnc Precision Milling Brass Parts

      Cnc precision milling brass parts use a common metal cold working method.
      The difference is that the tool rotates at high speed under the spindle drive during milling, and...

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      • Progressive Metal Stamping Die Parts

      Progressive Metal Stamping Die Parts

      Progressive metal stamping die parts are made by stamping process and are widely used.
      Stamping is mainly classified according to the process and can be divided into two major...

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      • 3 Axis CNC Machining Aluminium Parts

      3 Axis CNC Machining Aluminium Parts

      3 axis cnc machining aluminium parts can be used in many industries.
      The 3 axis machining center can process copper, aluminum, steel and other traditional parts.

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      • progressive die stamping metal parts

      progressive die stamping metal parts

      A short way to explain the progressive die stamping metal parts is to feed a roll of flat thin metal blank into the press.
      After perforation, the profile is cut and bent...

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      • Investment Casting Companies

      Investment Casting Companies

      Investment casting is a precision casting process with little or no cutting.
      It is an excellent process technology in the precision casting industry and its application is...

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      • Machining Project

      Machining Project

      This machining project requires a milling process.
      Milling is the method of cutting a workpiece using a rotating multi-blade tool on a milling machine.
      It is suitable...

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      • Cnc Milling For Aluminium

      Cnc Milling For Aluminium

      Since the CNC machine is computer controlled, it offers great processing flexibility. The CNC program can be easily updated to allow the machine to perform more complex cnc...

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      • Hard Anodized Small Aluminum Parts

      Hard Anodized Small Aluminum Parts

      The main purpose of hard anodizing is to improve various properties of aluminum and aluminum alloys, including corrosion resistance, wear resistance, weather resistance, insulation...

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      • Surface Finishing Service

      Surface Finishing Service

      The Surface finishing service is a process for manually forming a surface layer on the surface of a substrate material that is different from the mechanical, physical, and chemical...

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      • Metal Welding Parts

      Metal Welding Parts

      Metal welding parts are obtained by welding techniques under high temperature or high pressure conditions.
      It uses a welding material (solder or wire) to join two or more...

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      • Metal Laser Cutting Parts

      Metal Laser Cutting Parts

      Compared with traditional sheet metal processing methods, metal laser cutting parts have high cutting quality (narrow slit width, small heat affected zone, smooth cut), fast cutting...

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