Sand Casting

Sand casting is a widely used form of casting. As the name suggests, it is the use of sand to make molds. Sand casting requires placing a finished part model or a wooden model (pattern) in the sand, then filling the sand in the pattern weekend, and forming the mold after unpacking the pattern.
Sand casting (also known as green sand casting) is a process of injecting molten metal into a mold cavity that is made by forming moist (ie, green) sand around the mold. It uses very fine grains of sand, with a clay content of about 12% (such as bentonite), which allows it to retain enough moisture so that when squeezed it will stick together rather than stick to the hands.
In order to remove the mold before casting the metal, the mold should be made into two or more sections; during the mold making process, holes and vent holes for casting metal into the mold must be left to synthesize the casting system. The casting mold is poured with the metal liquid for a suitable period of time until the metal solidifies. After the parts are removed, the mold is destroyed, so a new mold must be made for each casting.
Sand mold processing plants can cast large parts. Sand molds can be used for iron casting, bronze casting, brass casting and aluminum casting. Wet casting is another sand casting process that is inexpensive and can produce parts of various sizes.
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