Aluminum Stamping Parts

Aluminum Stamping Parts

We offer a wide range of metel stamping capabilities.From thicknesses ranging form 020 thick up to 500 thick. Runner Machinery has the ability to fulfill to your stamping requirement at a competitive price and the highest quality level. Materials: Carbon steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass...

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Aluminum Stamping Parts refer to stamping hardware made of aluminum alloy. There are many kinds of aluminum alloy materials and specifications. Metal stampings made of different aluminum alloys have different properties and uses.

The plasticity of aluminum alloy stampings is very good. Pure aluminum is very soft, has low strength, has good ductility, can be drawn into filaments and rolled into foil, has good machinability, and is widely used in the wire and cable manufacturing and radio industries as well as the packaging industry. Adding a small amount of aluminum to some metals can greatly improve their performance. For example, a small amount of magnesium and copper can be added to the aluminum alloy stamping parts, and a tough aluminum alloy stamping part can be obtained.


We offer a wide variety of finishes that includes but is not limites 。

ROHS compliant plating

Power coat Paint


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