Automotive Metal Stamping Die Components

Automotive Metal Stamping Die Components

Customized solutions according to customer's requirements! We have our own metal stamping die processing workshop, the use of the most advanced CAD/CAM technology, the pursuit of the fastest delivery time.

Product Details

The main component of automotive molds is the cover mold. This type of mold is mainly a cold die. The "automobile mold" in a broad sense is a general name for a mold for manufacturing all parts of a car. For example, stamping dies, injection dies, forging dies, casting wax dies, glass dies, and the like.

Stampings on automotive bodies are generally divided into cover parts, beam members and general stamping parts. The stampings that can clearly indicate the characteristics of the car image are car covers. Therefore, the more specific car mold can be said to be "car cover stamping mold." Referred to as car cover die. For example, the trimming die of the front door outer panel, the punching die of the front door inner panel, and the like.

Classification according to process properties

a. Blanking die: A separate die is created along the closed or open outline. Such as blanking die, punching die, cutting die, cutting die, trimming die, cutting die.

b. Bending mold: The mold of a workpiece having a certain angle and shape is obtained by bending deformation of a blank or other blank along a straight line (bending line).

c. Drawing die: It is a die that makes blank blanks, or further changes the shape and size of hollow parts.

d. Forming mold: It is the mold that the blank or semi-finished workpiece is directly duplicated and shaped according to the shape of the convex and concave molds, and the material itself only produces local plastic deformation. Such as bulging die, shrink die, flaring die, relief forming die, flanging die, and so on.


Project Details

Product Description

Metal stamping die

Capabilities Applied/Processes

cnc milling and Wire EDM

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Cnc machining center,wire EDM 

Material Used


Industry for Use


Tightest Tolerances


Product Name

Metal stamping die

Detail image

Our engineers use advanced CAD software for metal stamping die design


Die machining and assembly are done in our factories


Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today.

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