Metal Stamping Mould Parts

Metal Stamping Mould Parts

We are experts progressive, single-hit, form, draw, insertion, in-die tapping, fine blank, compound dies and more.

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Metal molds are industrial parts, using various presses and special tools mounted on the presses to produce metal parts of the desired shape or parts by pressure. These special tools are collectively referred to as metal molds.

In machining, different machining methods can be used according to the structure and technical requirements of the holes. These methods can be divided into two categories: one is to machine the solid workpiece, that is, to machine the hole from the solid; The other type is semi-finishing and finishing of existing holes.

Non-matching holes are usually drilled directly on the solid workpiece to drill holes; for the matching holes need to be drilled in the tomb, according to the accuracy of the hole to be processed and the surface quality requirements, using reaming, boring, Finishing methods such as grinding are further processed.

Reaming and boring are typical cutting methods for finishing existing holes. To achieve precise machining of the hole, the main machining method is grinding. When the surface quality of the hole is very high, it is necessary to use surface finishing methods such as fine boring, grinding, honing, rolling, etc. For the processing of non-round holes, inserting, broaching and special processing are required.

The inner hole surface is also one of the main surfaces on the part. According to the different functions of the mechanical parts, the inner holes of different structures have different precision and surface quality requirements. According to the different connection relationship between the hole and other parts, it can be divided into matching hole and non-matching hole; according to its geometric characteristics, it can be divided into through hole, blind hole, stepped hole, tapered hole, etc.; according to its geometric shape, Can be divided into round holes, non-round holes and so on.


We invests in technology such as new Sodick EDM, CNC surfaces and forming grinders as well as CNC machine tools to improve quality and speed Turnaround time。We offer full feed lines on all presses (50 to 250 tons) so your tooling is debugged and running at production speed before we ship it.

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