Stamping Mould

Stamping mould is a special process equipment for processing materials (metal or non-metal) into parts (or semi-finished products) in cold stamping. It is called cold stamping die (commonly known as cold die). Stamping is a pressure processing method in which a material is applied to a material by means of a mold mounted on a press at a room temperature to cause separation or plastic deformation to obtain a desired part.
Classified according to the processing method of the product
Depending on the processing method of the product, the mold can be divided into five categories: punching and shearing die, bending die, drawing die, forming die and compression die.
a. Punching and cutting die: It is done by shearing. Its commonly used forms include shearing die, blanking die, punching die, trimming die, whole edge die, hole punching die and punching die.
b. Bending mold: It is a shape that bends the flat blank into an angle. Depending on the shape, precision and production volume of the part, there are many different types of molds, such as ordinary bending dies, cam bending dies, and crimping.
c. Draw mold: The draw mold is a flat blank container made of flat blanks.
d. Forming mold: It refers to changing the shape of the blank by various local deformation methods, such as a sheet forming die, a curl forming die, a neck forming die, a hole flange forming die, and a round edge forming die.
e. Compression mold: It uses strong pressure to make metal wool embryo flow and deform into the desired shape. The types include extrusion die, embossing die, embossing die and end pressure die.
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