Precision Metal Stamping Components

Precision Metal Stamping Components

We offer a wide range of metel stamping capabilities.From thicknesses ranging form 020 thick up to 500 thick. Runner Machinery has the ability to fulfill to your stamping requirement at a competitive price and the highest quality level. Materials: Carbon steel Stainless Steel Aluminum Brass...

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Precision Metal Stamping Components

We have advanced technology to maintain precision tolerances in the production of precision metal stampings. We have excellent engineers, molders and technicians who can design and manufacture the world's most effective stamping dies and maintain them.

We have customizable cleaning processes that provide customers with clean, dry, well-functioning parts.

Materials include copper, brass, steel, stainless steel, beryllium copper, composite metals, and other materials.

Punch range

2 – 400 tons

Up to 1800 times per minute

Product material thickness: 0.02 mm to 6.40 mm


Black and non-ferrous metals

Precious metals and non-precious composite metals

Mold processing

Continuous die, multi-directional bending die, blanking die, and compound die

In-mold tapping and continuous drawing

Finishing process

Liquid cleaning and deburring

Belt cleaning

Ultrasonic cleaning

At the same time provide heat treatment and machining

We produce a variety of metal and non-metal stampings for medical, automotive, electrical, defense, electrical, electronics and other industries. include:

Automotive metal stampings

Precision automotive stampings are used in electrical switches, relays, and other electrical equipment, and are available in single-pack or roll-to-roll packaging. Automotive connectors, airbag sensors, and control components.

Medical metal stampings photo_precision-metal-stampings

Precision medical stampings for surgical instruments, diagnostic equipment, and implant devices.

Electrical and electronic metal stampings

Used in connectors, hybrid integrated circuit packages, leadframes, heat sinks, and other computer and electronics products, a variety of sizes, sizes, and appearances require tight precision stampings that yield millions of times a week.


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