Progressive Stamping Die

RUNNER has internal progressive stamping tools and mold design and manufacturing capabilities. By eliminating the middleman, this helps to reduce the cost of each component while shortening the stamping die delivery time

Product Details

Progressive stamping die


In addition to our highly qualified and experienced progressive stamping tooling and mold making staff, we have also put in the necessary equipment to complete your budget on time, including sodick CNC WEDM, high-precision Surface Grinder, 6 Machining Centers, and 3D CAD design and programming software to reduce the time from drawing to parts

Project Details

Product Description

Progressive stamping die

Capabilities Applied/Processes

cnc milling and wire EDM 

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

CNC machining center, wire EDM

Material Used


Industry for Use

Mold industry

Tightest Tolerances


Product Name

Progressive stamping die

Detail image

Our engineers use advanced CAD software for progressive metal stamping die design


Progressive stamping die library


Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today.

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