Sheet Metal Stamping Die Design

Sheet Metal Stamping Die Design

Customized solutions according to customer's requirements! We have our own metal stamping die processing workshop, the use of the most advanced CAD/CAM technology, the pursuit of the fastest delivery time.

Product Details

The sheet metal stamping die is a special process equipment that processes materials into parts under the cold stamping force of the press. The stamping die is an indispensable equipment in stamping production. It can be used for blanking and punching. , Stretching, bending and other operations, speaking sheet metal processing into a complex shape of the parts, is a technology-intensive industries. The application of stamping process is very extensive, not only can process metal materials, but also can process non-metallic materials. In the modern manufacturing industry, such as automobiles, tractors, agricultural machinery, electrical machinery, instruments, chemical containers, toys, and daily necessities, they all occupy very important positions.


Project Details

Product Description

Metal stamping die

Capabilities Applied/Processes

cnc milling and Wire EDM

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Cnc machining center,wire EDM 

Material Used


Industry for Use


Tightest Tolerances


Product Name

Metal stamping die

Detail image

Our engineers use advanced CAD software for metal stamping die design


Die machining and assembly are done in our factories


Runner machinery is ISO 9001:2015 certified. To learn more about our services contact us today.

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