Cnc Turning Brass Components

Cnc Turning Brass Components

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Cnc Turning Brass Components


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Cnc turning small parts

Capabilities Applied/Processes

cnc milling and turning

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

Swiss type lathe,

Material Used


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Tightest Tolerances




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CNC Turning is the process that the material is rotated at changing speeds and the tool cutting traverses to create a desired shape. It is generally able to automate the machining of cylindrical surfaces, conical surfaces, spherical surfaces, and threads, as well as complex rotating surfaces such as hyperboloids. The turning machining center adds the C axis and the power head on the basis of ordinary CNC lathes. Thanks to the addition of C-axis and milling power heads, the machining capabilities of this CNC lathe are greatly enhanced. In addition to general turning, radial and axial milling, surface milling, the turning of the parts with holes and radial holes with centerline not in the center , and radial holes can be performed.

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