Cnc-Turning Part For Impeller

Cnc-Turning Part For Impeller

Runner is Cnc machining services supplier,mainly provide all kinds of cnc machining services,such as turning,milling,drilling,stamping,deep stamping,bending,punching,threading,welding,tapping ect .

Product Details

Product   Description

The impeller of the pump is rotated by the motor. Make the medium   mechanical energy

Equipment   Used to Manufacture Part

Turning equipment CNC machining center

Material   Used

gray iron 250 Stainless steel and

 ductile iron 450               

Tightest   Tolerances


Delivery   Location

Auto Industry Part


Close tolerance parts in a wide variety of materials,such as:brass parts,aluminum parts,stainless steel parts,mild steel parts


Working process:turning,deepturning,bending,punching,threading, welding,tapping

Surface treatment:zinc,nickel,anodized,polishing

Machining equipment: CNC milling&turning machine, general milling&turning machine

CNC Turning parts can be supplied according to customers’drawings or samples

Because the impeller has a curved surface, the general three-axis cnc machine can not process the impeller, and generally a high-precision five-axis cnc machine or a five-axis cnc machining center is used to process the impeller.

CNC Turing parts as your design


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