CNC Turning Parts

CNC Turning Parts

OEM Service manufacturer for turning parts by customer’s drawing or samples.Best Manufacturing provides precision CNC turning and milling services in our state of the art facility in Qingdao.

Product Details

Experienced at machining and turning many materials, including Stainless Steel , Carbon Steel ,Aluminium, Alloy Steel ,Our Cnc turning parts can be as large as 40" x 20" x 17.7" with the diameters up to 14.57". Milling operations are also equipped to deal with parts weighing up to 1,500 kgs . Two to four week turnaround on prototype to low-volume production of metal components.

Project Details

Product Description

Turn-mill combination parts

Capabilities Applied/Processes

Cnc Milling and Turning

Equipment Used to Manufacture Part

CNC Turn-milling machine tool

Material Used

Stainless Steel 304,316

Part Applied

Auto part



Estimated Part Weight


Product Name

Turning -milling combination parts

Detail image

Turning-milling combination part, We can put your company's trademark on your parts according to your requirement.

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Advanced DMG Full Automation milling machine can satisfy with your product requirement


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