Electroplated Galvanized Steel Parts

Electroplated Galvanized Steel Parts

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Electroplated Galvanized Steel Parts

With the development of science and technology production, the electroplating industry is increasingly involved in the field. At present, the application of galvanizing has been applied to various production and research departments of the national economy, such as machine manufacturing, electronics, precision instruments, chemicals, light industry, transportation, weapons, aerospace, atomic energy, etc.

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Product Description

Laminator connecting shaft

Machined Applied/Processes

CNC Precision Machining ,Turning

Equipment Used to Manufacturing

3-Axis machining center

Material Used

Carbon Steel Q345

Industry for Use

Electric Equipment

Tightest Tolerances



Electro galvanizing




1) The zinc coating is thick, the crystal is fine, uniform, and free of porosity, and the corrosion resistance is good;

2) The zinc layer obtained by electroplating is relatively pure, and it is slowly corroded in mists such as acid and alkali, which can effectively protect the steel matrix;

3) The zinc coating is white, colored, military green, etc. after passivation with chromic acid. It is beautiful and generous, with a certain degree of decorativeness;

4) Since the zinc coating has good ductility, it can be used for cold punching, rolling, bending and other molding without damaging the plating.


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