The process characteristic of turning machining is that the workpiece rotates as the main motion, and the turning tool makes the feed motion. Turning can be carried out on horizontal lathes, vertical lathes, turret lathes, profiling lathes, automatic lathes, CNC lathes and various special lathes. It is mainly used to machine various rotary surfaces, depending on the selected turning angle and The cutting amount can be divided into rough, semi-finish and finishing.
The CNC turning process is the sum of the methods and technical means used to machine parts using CNC lathes. Its main contents include the following aspects:
(1) selecting and determining the contents of CNC turning machining of parts;
(2) Performing a CNC turning machining process analysis on the parts drawings;
(3) Selection and adjustment of tools and fixtures;
(4) Design of processes and work steps;
(5) Calculation and optimization of processing trajectories;
(6) The preparation, verification and modification of the CNC turning machining program;
(7) Handling of the first piece of trial processing and on-site issues;
(8) Preparing technical documents for CNC machining.
1. It is easy to ensure the positional accuracy of each working surface of the workpiece.
2. The turning process is relatively stable, avoiding inertial force and impact force, allowing for larger cutting amount and high-speed cutting, which is conducive to productivity improvement.
3. It is suitable for finishing of non-ferrous metal parts. When the surface roughness of the non-ferrous metal parts is large and the Ra value is small, it is not suitable to use grinding, and it is necessary to use turning or milling. When using a diamond turning tool for a fine car, it can achieve higher quality.
4. The tool is simple. Turning, sharpening and installation are convenient.
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