Timing Pulley

Timing Pulley

We customized machined Timing pulley and worm gears based on their mechanical engineer’ s drawing ,which is applied in mechatronic system .

Product Details

This is a HTD 3M-72 Timing pulley ,according to the customer drawing from Turkey , the Reduction ratio is 47 and module is 1.5. we made the surface finish treatment to improve quality and extend service life . Apart from that the main consideration is about backlash. We made this timing pulley as the smallest backlash as possible. As for the materials, we use steel worm wheel and cast iron for HTD 3M-72 tooth timing pulley with the longer service and minimal wear properties.

3M-72-09 profiled tooth properties


Detailed photo for the Timing pulley





Glance of workshop for Gears and timing pulley workshop



High End Testing Equipment , the Hexagon CMMs guarantees the products precision:




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